5 dirty fantasies every cam girl has

A lot of women tend to look quite innocent and incapable of thinking about anything dirty, but that is far from the truth. Women are very sexual beings, just like men, and there are some fantasies that every woman has had at least once in her life, and this especially applies to cam girls.

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1. Oral sex

This should go without saying, but there are many women online who get wet just by sucking a hard cock, and sometimes when they are missing the real deal they love to practice on their toy instead. But, they also enjoy receiving oral as well, and honestly, who doesn’t? We all know that oral sex feels quite different than regular sex, sometimes even better

2. Public sex

This is not something that women tend to speak about, but it is definitely something they all desire. There is something quite arousing about having sex in a public place, as you can be caught any moment. Hiding and pretending that you are not doing anything dirty, or just being watched by other people turns many women on

3. Cheating

You can be perfectly happy and in love with one person, and still desire another just for physical contact. This does not mean that you want to break up with your partner, but that you might want to experiment, and if you truly desire this, then simply talk to your man/woman. In many cases, women get very excited with just the thought of another man, and sneaking around while cheating

4. Domination

This goes both ways, as many women would love to try dominating somebody as well as beign dominated. There is something quite hot when it comes to taking sexual orders and doing something humiliating or tortures; as well as making somebody else listen to you and ordering them around and forcing them to please you the right way

5 Role-play

Sometimes, women just want to get out of the reality and into a magic world where they can be whoever they want, and that is called role play. You get to dress up and act out your favorite characters from a book, movie, anime or a TV show, and turn it into something quite sexual. Many women and men get turned on by this, and there are many cam models who love to role play during their live cam shows!

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