This is how you flirt with hot cam girls

There is such a thing as the right and the wrong way to approach a girl online, especially a gorgeous cam model. Keep in mind that the beautiful webcam models are not forced to talk to you, so if you are rude, they will have no problem but to ignore or ban you from the chat room, and who would want that? Well, this article will explain how you can get on the cam girls good side, so you better listen

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1. Compliment the model

Whether the girl you want to watch is hot, sexy, beautiful, funny or cute, you need to compliment her in a confident and flirty way. But, remember to not be a douche about it, and try not to come across as desperate or creepy. Find your own special way of giving her a compliment, which will make her remember and pay attention to you

2 Don’t be shy to say hello

The webcam models do not have the time to pay attention to everyone who joins the room, which is why you need to be the one who should start a conversation, You could also tip her some tokens/credits and add a nice message such as “You are really making my day better”, instead of always requesting something dirty

3. Tips are important

The webcam models have to earn money somehow, it is not like they are stripping for charity, right? Well, if you want your model to be even nicer to you, then show that you are not here just to take advantage of her, and tip her generously when requesting different dirty things. She will definitely appreciate this and remember you

4. Be active in chat rooms

Simply saying “hello” when you first join the chat room is not really enough to get her full attention. So, make sure to keep the conversation going, ask her different questions or join the already existing conversation she is having with other users. This will keep her interested in you

5. Be a regular

If you really want the cam girl to remember you, then you should be loyal to her. This means that you should not visit a different cam girl every time, and pay attention to your beauty the most. Follow her schedule and always be there to say help and send her a tip, as this way you will definitely get on her good side!

Chat With Girls

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